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                                                  What Is a JTHOOPITUP?

A JTHOOPITUP (JTH) is for those who love machine embroidery but struggle with embroidering on Onesies / Baby Tees, and other garments.  A JTH will hold the extra fabric out of the way, while opening up the embroidery field.  There is less of a chance getting the extra fabric caught under the needle and/or under your hoop.  Never get your finger pierced when using the JTH. There is no need to move the fabric out of the way using your fingers.


JTHOOPITUP is perfect for your single needle embroidery machines, excluding free-arm machines.  The JTHOOPTIUP is a stainless steel embroidery hoop insert that provides an enhanced, open embroidery field especially when embroidering on Onesies / Baby Tees, small children’s garments, as well as larger and adult size garments.  The JTH sits inside your garment on top of the stabilizer.  It does not snap into your embroidery hoop or replace the inner ring of your frame.  Velcro straps and clips are used to fasten your garment onto your JTH securing it in place (Velcro straps & clips sold separately).  You can hoop or float your garment and use the stabilizer of your choice when using a JTHOOPITUP. 


The JTHOOPITUP is a “Must-Have” addition to your sewing room. 

                                                             About Us.....


After several years struggling with embroidering on a Onesie trying to keep the fabric out of the embroidery field, we decided to try to come up with a tool to make it a lot easier. After several models, tweaks, and modifications, we came up with the JTHOOPITUP. (Click on the picture above for a short video)

We've expanded our product line to be compatible with various embroidery machines and hoop sizes. As a result, JTHOOPITUPs are now not just for Onesies.  We offer sizes to accomodate both children's and adult size garments.  Each JTHOOPITUP is individually Hand Made using Stainless Steel for strength and durability. Please watch the videos and see the photos for more info.



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